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The Originals have a simple recruitment structure. If you aren't an idiot and we like you, we'll ask you to join.
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Keepers of the past, The Originals collect as much information as possible, and will use it to help you.

Several veterans have come together to create a faction that helps the new, writes guides on game play and offers excellent trade opportunities.

The Originals were founded long ago, and over the years have helped out in several beta tests, most notably Zombie Pandemic and World of the Living Dead, our current focus.

Although set up by a few key individuals, there are no real leaders. You're dealing with a collection of individuals, forced together by the zombie apocalypse. We aren't a group. We don't start turf wars, each of us works independently; there is no collective responsibility.

If you find yourself in conflict with one of our members, its more than likely another member will be the one supplying you with the guns and ammo to continue the conflict.

We aren't the best faction around, we've just been doing it the longest. In closed beta for WotLD we were the top ranked faction, we killed half a million zombies and we went everywhere.

But none of that matters now. All that we have now is the knowledge we need to survive.  

So come, rest in our compound a while. There's no need to join up, just come in and chat, ask those questions you needed answering.

Wiki page revamped.

Rosslessness, Feb 18, 12 9:19 PM.
New wiki page. Check it out.


Rosslessness, Feb 12, 12 3:44 PM.
Reset starts tomorrow!

Good luck everyone!

Squad guide

Rosslessness, Jan 16, 12 1:40 PM.
Another guide is added to the library. Go take a look.

New Guide!

Rosslessness, Jan 4, 12 12:36 PM.
Head over to the library for a new and interesting guide on post reset levelling.

Talking of reset I've had confirmation of "Mid January".


Beta Reset

Rosslessness, Jan 3, 12 7:29 AM.
With only a few weeks to go before the big reset, we're working overtime to get together guides, tutorials, and well, anything we can to help in the new apocalypse.
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